Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to provide Alfiecloud products from 31st August 2018.

Google and other web/browser providers announced that they will not be supporting Flash from the end of 2017. Alfiecloud is built using Flash and other obsolescent technologies. To ensure we maintain the highest levels of information security, we have taken the decision to withdraw the product range from the market.

While we are looking at developing replacement products, we are not yet in a position to offer anything equivalent and we won’t be taking new orders or renewing subscriptions. We will be in touch when alternatives become available.

Please note – you must access any reports/data from the system before 31st August 2018 as they will not be available thereafter.

For guidance on generating Alfie reports click here.

For assistance on generating reports from the LNF Tracker click here.

What will happen to your data?

From 1st September we will begin the process of anonymising all personal data within the system. Following the conclusion of this work, there will be no personal data left within the Alfiecloud platform. If you would like to keep updated on any on-screen developments in the future then you can sign up for our newsletters.