On the reports screen select your class and framework you want to generate a report for (you will also need to select the subject and year for secondary).

Your class list will be loaded.

If you have set some targets for your learner the TARGETS tick will be green. You can click on the tick to take you to the progress screen so you can add targets/commendations.

Click on the Report button which displays the Report Options.

Select which parts of the report you wish to generate. For the Group report you will also need to select which Skill Year to base the report on.

NB: If you have a mixed group, you can select and de-select learners using the tick boxes next to their name to generate more focused reports.

Click on Generate Group Report.

Your report will load in a new window/tab.

NB: You will need to ensure pop-up blockers are switched off for my.alfiecloud.com otherwise your report may not open.

You can use the same Report Options window to generate individual reports for all of your selected learners.

If you want to generate a report for a particular learner, simply click on the PDF icon inline of the learner in the table.