IMPORTANT: You can create 1 Subject Specific Framework per subject. You must have the KPI Editor Permission in order to create and edit the Frameworks. Please send the teachers names that you would like as KPI editors to We advise having one person from each subject.

Creating a New Framework

Go to the planning screen and select a minimum of the Subject and the Framework you wish to create a subset of objectives for.

Click on the, now active, Edit KPI button.

Select a Strand to load the objectives.

All of the objectives are defaulted to Yes. Click on Yes to change to No.

This will remove the objective from your Subjects Framework.

Click on Save to save the changes you have made. This new subset is now saved as a draft.

You can discard any unsaved changes now clicking on the Discard button.

Publishing Your New Framework

Before the new Framework can be viewed on all screens and for other teachers you need to Publish it.

Click on the Publish button in the notification area.

Your Framework name will now be displayed in the notification area.

Each Framework will be named with the original Framework - Numeracy for example - followed by the subject you have created it for - in this case Science.

This will now be shown on each screen in the drop down menus for the Framework.

Edit Your New Framework

On the Planning screen, select the created Framework.

Click on the, now active, Edit KPI button. Your Framework will be loaded in.

Delete Your Framework

IMPORTANT: Deleteing a framework will NOT delete all of the associated data you have already tracked.

To delete, select the Framework on the planning screen and click on the, now active, Edit KPI button.

Click on Delete in the notification area.

To activate the delete button, you will need to type in the name of the subject that you are deleting this for. The subject will be prompted.