The Planning screen gives you access to be able to set specific Objectives as Planned to Teach or that have been Taught.

It also gives you a view of cross year skills that have been Applied and allows you to judge whether to move onto the next skill year for similar Objectives.

When the screen first loads, you need to select your class details followed by the Framework and Strand you want to start planning.

Each Objective will either be Blank, P (Planned to Teach), T (Taught) or a % (Applied)

Each objective will display one of the above, depending on which is the most advanced for a group.

For example, if 10 pupils are Blank, 5 are P and 5 are T, then T will be shown. Similarly, if 10 pupils are T and 10 are Developing (orange)0% will be shown.

You can navigate through the Skill Years by clicking the Left and Right arrows in the table header.

Click on a Blank objective to change it to a P.

Click on a objective to change it to a T.

Click on Save, to Save the changes you have made.

If you want to Discard the changes you have made, click on the Discard button.