NB: This option is currently available for NNC Mathematics and NNC Science. More subjects will be added shortly.

In Create Tests click on the Print icon to switch to the print view.

The questions will now be displayed as they will appear when printed.

You can preview questions by hovering over the thumbnail. If a stem is required for the question, this will also be shown in the preview.

TIP: Some questions may be longer than the preview window. Just move your mouse across and scroll the preview window up and down.

Once you have added your questions, by clicking on the Plus icon, you can preview the test.

Click on the question in your test list OR View Template Preview.

Scroll through the questions by clicking on left or right.

You can change the order of the questions by dragging and dropping them in your list.

If two questions have the same stem and follow on from one another, you will see the message Stem from previous question will be used. This saves printing the same stem multiple times.

Once you have finished creating your test, give it a name and then click on Print in the top menu. This will also Save your test to your Templates.

You will then be asked whether you want to print the Markscheme or the Test.

Making the selection will then pop open a new window and you will see the following message.

NB: Depending on the number of questions you have this could take up to 30 seconds to create the test.

After a few moments your test will open. You can save or print the test using the in browser options for the reader you are using (see bottom right).