At Primary level, Alfie uses the Registration Groups for the teachers to be able to share tests, generate reports and to track their learners in the LNF Tracker.

If the Registration Group is not being linked to a teachers account within Alfie, you must check the Pastoral Structure in SIMS before contacting Alfiesoft Support.

Checking the Reg Group Teachers

1. Open SIMS and Log In (with appropriate account).

2. Select Focus | School | Pastoral Structure | Current Structure

3. Select the Effective Date then click on Go to display the Current Academic Year Pastoral Structure.

4. To locate the Registration groups click on the plus next to: Pastoral Structure | Year # | Registration Group | Group

The Tutor/Teacher for the Group will be shown.

If no teacher or the incorrect teacher is shown, please fix this within SIMS (Contact Capita for help if required).

If the teacher is correct, please take a screenshot and contact Alfiesoft Support.