Selecting a Skill Year and Strand

You can select any of the Strands for a particular Skill Year within the Progress Table.

Simply click on the cell you wish to view. Below we are selecting Skill Year 4 > Using number skills.

TIP: You can also select a full Skill Year by clicking on the Total cell.

The Objectives will open at the bottom of the screen.

Not Yet Applied will be opened by default if Objectives are available. If no objectives are available then Developing will open if Objectives are available and so on.

You can open the Objective lists by clicking on the corresponding header.

Move an Objective

You can set the state for an Objective and move it between the Objective lists.

You can use this for correcting states, so learners can be moved backwards as well advanced in the Objectives.

Click on the Move icon next to the Objective you wish to move.

Select the state you wish to apply.

If the state set is for a different Objective list, the Objective will be moved instantly to the new list.

Set a Target

NB: Setting a target DOES NOT set a target for the report. To see how to set Report Targets please click here.

To set a target for you learner, click on the Target icon for the Objective.

The targets will be displayed on the Tracker Screen as a small red icon in the top left hand corner of the state area.