The Progress screen allows you to quickly an easily see how a particular learning is Progressing through the LNF Frameworks for Numeracy and Literacy.

Selecting Your Learner

Select the Class, Learner and the Framework you wish to view the Progress for.

Your learners data will be loaded.

Saving Changes

Each time you make a change, you will need to save the changes.

Click on the Save button in the top menu.

You will be notified of the successful Save.

If you try to navigate without saving, you will automatically be prompted to Save your changes..

Navigating the Screen

Each learner (where available) will have their National Test Scores, Teacher Assessment Scores and their most recent Alfie Numeracy Test Score.

You can switch between viewing the Skills Achieved and Skills Applied by clicking the toggle in the top right.

The coverage of the LNF that has been completed by the learner is shown as a breakdown by Strand.

Where the National Curriculum Year is known (pulled from SIMS), the grid will show the skill percentages of that year and below as colour coded.

Where the National Curriculum Year is not known, the grid will show the skill year with the most recent entry and below as colour coded.

The colour coding is broken down as follows:

0-59% = Red

60-79% = Orange

80-100% = Green

The objectives will default to the skill year of the learners' National Curriculum Year OR the most recent skill year with an entry.

Not Yet Applied is opened by default, unless empty, then the next available section will be opened.