Learners take the test by typing the Internet Address into their Internet Browser. A test address will look something like this:


Only the last section of the Internet Address will ever change. The rest is made up of static elements (https://my.alfiecloud.com for example) and your schools LA and DCSF numbers.

You can distribute the Internet Address via your shared area, or if you are using MIS data your learners can sign in via the Learner Sign In Area.

Signing In to a Test
The first page a learner sees is the Sign In page where he or she is asked for some information.

All tests are loaded and data is transferred over HTTPS (secure) using 128-bit encryption and in accordance with The Data Protection Act.

NB: If your school have opted to use the PIN numbers for additional security, your learners will also need to enter this. For more information click here.


Clear Instructions and Help are provided to the student throughout the test.


The Toolbar provides easy navigation through the test. It indicates the question the student is currently viewing and allows them to proceed to the Next question or go Back to previous questions.

can move on to the Next question if a current question is found difficult, and come back to that question later, if they have time.

Students can go Back to all previous questions at any time.

Students are free to change their response at anytime during the test.

Ending the Test

At the end of the test the student will see an instruction screen encouraging them to go Back and check their responses.

This is the last opportunity that the student has to go Back and check their responses.

Clicking on Submit will submit the learner's responses to the AlfieCloud.