Test taking
On-screen test taking is designed to best replicate traditional paper methods and maintain a level of usability deemed appropriate by schools.
Learners can:

  • access tests from a unique web address provided by their teacher.
  • sign in to a test using information they know.
  • revisit test results and formative feedback to aid learning.

Teachers can:

  • administer tests and resulting outcomes collaboratively.
  • rely on one test being taken by each learner only once.
  • know that learners have no claim to forgotten username or passwords.

Once tests have been taken, teachers and learners can further discuss and explore the formative elements of assessment that can lead to more insightful teaching and learning.

All user and data transfer is transmitted over a secure connection (HTTPS).

The AlfieCloud is a closed platform. This is sometimes referred to as a “walled garden”, meaning strict controls exist to ensure that only content and data approved by Alfiesoft or the school reside therein.

Sign in
Learner sign in is within a trusted controlled environment administered by the teacher.

Limited sign in prompts are given to the learner on a field-by-field basis to aid accurate input.

Data Protection Policy

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PIN numbers
Schools have the option to activate an additional layer of security when learners sign in (upon request to the Sales Team - sales@alfiesoft.com - or Support Team - support@alfiesoft.com).

This takes the form of a 4-digit PIN number. This is typically activated if test taking frequently occurs outside of school hours.

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