NB: The AlfieCloud Learner Area is only available to schools using their school data. We will let you know when you go to the page if you can use it.

Accessing the AlfieCloud Learner Area

Go to:


Locate your School

Start typing the name of your school or the school's postcode.

If you are unsure, then ask your teacher to help you.

If you cannot access the Learner Area, a message will be shown.

Signing In to the Learner Area

If you can use the Learner area you will be required to enter the following details:

First Name

Last Name

Date of Birth

PIN (if your school are using this system)


Then click on Sign In.

Forgotten Your PIN?

If you have forgotten your PIN, please tell your teacher who will be able to give you a new one.

You can set your own PIN once you have Signed In.