NB: The PIN numbers must be managed entirely by the school. Alfiesoft cannot provide any assistance other than Technical Support in resetting or distributing PIN numbers.

What are PIN Numbers?

PIN numbers allow an additional level of security for your learners.

A simple 4 digit number, this is initially generated by the teacher and then a learner can change this via their Learner Sign in page in the AlfieCloud.

This guide shows you how to reset a PIN via the teacher Data Management Console - to see how a learner changes their PIN, please click here.

Accessing the Data Management Console

NB: Access to the Data Management Console is restricted to teachers that are either admin users or that have been imported via one of our import methods: Data Imports

From anywhere in the AlfieCloud, hover over the User Account tab and click on Manage Data.

The initial screen will load, listing All of the learners within the school - 50 learners per page.

Upon first use all of the PINs will be blank. You will need to set the PINs up before your learners can access Alfie tests.

Sorting & Page Navigation

You can sort the learner by First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth or Gender.

You can navigate to more pages by using the left and right arrows or by entering a page number and hitting Enter on your keyboard.

Filter by Groups

If you are using the groups from your MIS Data, you can sort by the groups you are associated to.

Search for a Learner

You can search for a learner by First Name and/or Last Name. Click on Clear Search to reset.

Setting/Resetting a Learners PIN

Select a learner by ticking the Check Box next to their name.

The Reset PIN button and Print Button will become active.

Click on the Reset PIN Button.

Your learners PIN will reset straight away.

Setting/Resetting Multiple Learners PINs

Select the learners by ticking the Check Box next to their name or if you are setting a whole class/group, tick the Check Box in the Table Header.

Click the Reset PIN button to reset all of the selected learners PINs

Printing the PINs

In order to make distributing the pins as simple as possible, you can download a selection of learners into a CSV file, ready to print out.

Select the learners you wish to print by ticking the check-box.

The Reset PIN button and Print Button will become active.

Click on the Print Button.

The CSV file will download to your Downloads area. This may vary depending on the browsers you are using.

The file will look something like this: