Report Execution: Error - <CommandReporterError>Error Loading Report. Reason :Buffer cannot be null.
Parameter name: buffer</CommandReporterError>

This error will appear when the Command Report cannot find the ID for a report within SIMS. This typically happens when a migration of the DOCSTORAGE is performed.

Fixing the Error

1. Open SIMS and log in using the account you created for SIMS-Sync

2. In the menu bar go to Reports > Design Report

3. Click on Open an existing report

4. Click on Focus > Student and locate Alfiesoft Group Student Map Version 1.0

5. Right click on the Report and click Delete.

6. Do the same for the following Reports:

Focus > Student > FreeMeals
Focus > Staff > Alfiesoft Staff Map Export Version 1.0
Focus > Class > AlfiesoftClassSubject2
Focus > Class > Alfiesoft Group Export Version 1.0

7. Launch SIMS-Sync and perform a Run Now.

8. Go to the Logs tab and click on the AlfieMain radio button - the Buffer cannot be null, should now not appear.