The LNF Tracker uses your SIMS data to link you up to your classes.

In order for this to work correctly you need to ensure some details within SIMS are in place and correct.

1. You must have an email address present for your Teacher Account within SIMS (instructions below) - This will become your AlfieCloud Username.
2. Ensure you have your classes set up correctly so that you can track your learners.
3. Ensure that each Teacher is set as a supervisor for each group they wish to see.

SIMS Email Addresses
Select Focus | Person | Staff to display the Employee Details page, and search for an existing staff member to display their details.

If there is no school domain email address present click on New adjacent to Email Addresses panel. Then enter the school email address, set the Location to Work and Main to Yes.

If a personal email address is present it can remain, as the school email address will now be prioritised for use within Alfie.

Account Activation

Once SIMS-Sync has run (generally overnight) and your email address is within Alfie you will need to Activate Your Account.

Go to and select Staff Sign In.

Start typing your school name or postcode and select your school from the list that is displayed.

If you select the incorrect school, just click on Not your school? to reset the field and try again.

If your school is not on the list, or the details displayed are inaccurate please contact

Start typing your email address and select from the list displayed (after you input the @ symbol).

If your account has not yet been activated, a button saying Activate will be displayed. Click Activate.

You will be sent an email with further instructions.