The EAS will be providing exemplar materials to aid your decisions in how to track your learners.

To access the exemplars click on the Exemplar icon for the chosen Objective.

Various types of file are available including PDF's, images, video and audio.

You can view or download the exemplar, by clicking on View or Download.

Adding Evidence

You can add evidence to support your teacher judgements. You can add 2 pieces of evidence per objective, per class up to 10MB.

Each Primary School can upload a maximum of 1GB of data.

Each Secondary School can upload a maximum of 2GB of data.

Additional storage will be available, more information will be made available shortly.

From the Exemplar window click on the Evidence tab.

There are two ways to upload a file.

1. Click on Choose File and navigate to the file within the Window. Click on Open.

2. Drag the file from it's location into the Upload area.

Once uploaded, you have to link the evidence to a learner.

Start typing the learners name and it will filter based on the learners within your group.

You can also add some notes.

Once completed click on Save.

You can view the evidence you have uploaded by click on View.

Click on Delete to remove the evidence.

NB: Once you delete the evidence, it is permanently deleted. We cannot retrieve deleted evidence.