Once you have selected the Framework, Strand, Skill and the Class you wish to track, you can start adding a state into the tracking grid for your learners.

There are 5 different states.

1. Planning to teach

2. Taught

3. Working towards

4. Achieved

5. Applied

To apply a state, simply click on the desired cell until the chosen state appears.

When a state gets to Applied the Number, Percentage and Current year values will update instantly.

Advance row to...

If you want to change an entire row, you can do this using the Advance row to functionality.

If there are cells already selected within the row, these will only ever be Advanced, they will never be moved backwards. For example, if you had a Green (Achieved) and you Advanced the row to Orange (Working towards), the Green would stay as is.

Click on the Number Column for the row you wish to advance.

Select the state you wish to Advance the row to. Here I am going to select Orange (Working towards)

Your row will be updated accordingly.

Save Your Changes

Once you have applied all of your states click on the Save icon in the top right hand corner.

The Save icon will then change colour to signify that the save was successful.


Discard Your Changes


If you have made some changes and do not want to save them, click on the Discard button.

You will be asked to confirm if you want to Discard & Continue - This will clear all of your changes.

To keep your changes, click on Cancel.