The Tracking Screen is made up of 4 main sections. These are:

Class and Framework Selection

Use this area to select your Class, the Framework you wish to track against and the Strands and Skills within that Framework.


The green button SAVES the data you have changed.

The orange button DISCARDS any changes you have made.

The red button CLOSES the tracking application.

The Learners

Your learners are displayed in alphabetical order by surname.

To view the learners full name hover anywhere in their column. The name will be displayed above the learners icon.

You can narrow your learners down by using the filters on the left hand side. You can filter by Boy or Girl and also by FSM, EAL & SEN.

Click on the left and right arrows to move back and forth through your class.

At Secondary level you also have the option to compare against other subjects for a learner. 

Tracking Area

This is where you will input your own judgement about where particular learners are, view Exemplars and add Evidence.

Previous, Current & Next years

Previous year shows you the % of Applied objectives within the previous Skills year for this Strand.

Current year shows you the % of Applied objectives within the current Skills year for this Strand.

Next year shows you the % of Applied objectives within the next Skills year for this Strand.

Show/Hide Objectives

Click on the coloured Topic rows - blue for Numeracy and yellow for Literacy - to show/hide the Objectives within the Topic.

Number, Percentage & Exemplars

Number shows the raw number of learners that have Applied the Objective within this class.

Percentage shows the % of learners that have /Applied the Objective within this class.

Exemplars, click to show the Exemplars or Evidence attached to this Objective within this class.