When you sign in to the AlfieCloud and try to share a test and there are groups/classes missing, or your learners have completed a test but they are not being put into their group/class, this means that SIMS-Sync has not been able to bring across the group/class.

There are a couple of reasons that this could happen, both of which can be easily rectified.

The first thing to do is ensure that you are using the latest version of SIMS-Sync. You can download the latest version from here: http://downloads.alfiecloud.com/SIMS-Sync.zip

The next thing to check is the subject of the group/class within SIMS. SIMS-Sync only pulls in the groups/classes that Alfiesoft provides content for and although we have tried to catch all of them, sometimes there can be new subject names that we have missed. You will need to provide us with the subject name from SIMS before proceeding.

Please follow either of the following procedures to get the subject name from SIMS.

Method 1 - Student Search

1. Open SIMS and Log In.

2. Click on the Student icon.

3. Click on Search to display all of the students in your school OR insert a name in the fields provided and click Search, to narrow your results.

NB: You want to search for/locate a student in your class that is missing.

4. Double click on the Student to display their details. On the right hand side under the section Links, click on Classes.

5. Locate the class that you teach/is missing from AlfieCloud, ensuring it is visible in the list. Take a screenshot of the Classes screen.

6. Email the screenshot to support@alfiesoft.com, indicating which classes are missing.

Method 2 - Maintain Course
NB - This method may require additional user permissions that a standard teacher account may not have.

1. Open SIMS and Log In.

2. Click on Tools > Academic Management > Course Manager > Maintain Course


3. Click on Search to display all of the courses in your school OR insert a description to search for in the field provided and click Search, to narrow your results.

4. Locate the Course missing from AlfieCloud.

5. Double click on the Course and scroll down (or use the 6 Classes shortcut in the header) to the 6 Classes section.

6. Ensure the Class that is missing from AlfieCloud is present within this list.

7. Scroll back to the top of the window (or click on 2 Basic) to the section 2 Basic and take a screenshot that clearly shows the Subject field.

8. Email the screenshot to support@alfiesoft.com, indicating that this subject is missing from AlfieCloud.

Once you have updated to the latest version of SIMS-Sync and followed either of the above procedures to ensure we are picking up the correct subject, please make a request to "clear tasks for SIMS-Sync" by emailing support@alfiesoft.com

By 'clearing the tasks' when SIMS-Sync next runs it will do a fresh pull of all of the data including the new groups/classes you have specified.

Once completed, if the groups/classes are still not showing, then please contact support@alfiecloud.com as more investigation may be required.