Before you get started on the AlfieCloud, there are a few things you need to check so that it will work seamlessly.

[ ]  Have you contacted your Network Manager?

When you receive your welcome email there is a link to add your Network Manager to your order. Just click on the link, and email with their Name and Email Address and we can add them for you.

[ ]  Has AlfieCloud been whitelisted?
Your Network Manager will need to allow AlfieCloud access in order for it to work correctly. We will email them all the details they need, or you can ask them:

“Student and staff computers need to receive data from and send data to over HTTP and secure HTTP (HTTPS), so please ensure AND all of its sub-domains are not restricted by Firewall settings, Proxy servers or Content Filtering Systems. Additionally Internet browser pop-up blockers need to be switched off and Flash needs to be enabled.

The tests use .xml .swf and .mp3 files so please ensure these file types are also not being blocked.”

You can use our system checker to ensure everything is whitelisted - System Checker

[ ]  Has your MIS Data been imported?
If you have purchased to have your MIS data imported, then this will need to be done before you let your colleagues know and before your learners can start taking tests. If you are unsure if you have added MIS data import, please email

Again, we will email your Network Manager all the details they need to get this setup for you. They may let you know when this is done, or you can email and we can let you know.

[ ]  Have you found the AlfieCloud Help Files?
If not then just click here for our walkthrough and here for our videos. There are also videos on every page when you log in to the AlfieCloud, just look under the More info sections.

[ ]  Have you let your colleagues know?
An AlfieCloud licence can be used by as many of your colleagues within the school. So why not let them all know?

If you have imported MIS data, their account will already be set up, they just need to activate their account by going to, locating the school and inputting their email address.

If you are not using your MIS data they can create an account by going to, locating the school and clicking on Create Account.

[ ]  Start testing!

That is it. Once you have ticked off the above tasks, you are ready to start testing your learners.

If you ever need any help or support just go to