Question Information

Each question has important information:

Thumbnail: Small screenshot of the question.

Title: The title of the question.

Marks: The number of marks the question is worth.

Level: The level/grade of the question.

Used: The number of times the question has been used previously.

Additional Extras: The icons at the bottom of the window give information in regards to extra's the question may have. For example a digital mark scheme, reading materials, audio or a calculator.

Hover over the question thumbnail to reveal a large preview as well as additional information including:

Title: The title of the question.

Alfie & Testbase IDs: The Alfie ID and the Testbase ID, if you want to use the questions again.

Question Summary Text: The actual question text.

Curricular Path: Where the question lies within the Curricular Structure.

Keywords: Any keywords associated with the question.

Adding & Removing Questions:

To add a question click to green plus icon.

The question will be added to Your Test, in the top right hand corner. The number of questions in Your Test will be shown.

You can show and hide Your Test by clicking on the screen icon.

To remove a question click the red minus icon on the question panel or in Your Test.