By using the Create Tests feature, you are creating a Test Template that you can use again and again. You can modify a Test Template if you need to add or remove questions and you can even select Past Paper Templates to modify.

Create Tests

On the My Alfiecloud screen, click on Create Tests. A new Window/Tab will open.

Change question bank
In order to select the bank of questions you wish to use, click Change question bank? hover over a subject and click on a bank to select.

The next time you launch the test creator, your previous bank selection will be remembered.

Changing Curricular Structure (SATs KS1-3 Mathematics)

SATS KS1-3 Mathematics is broken down into 3 curricular structures: Framework Strands, National Strategies & Assessing Pupils Progress.

Click on the drop down menu next to the bank title and select your curricular structure. This will change how the questions are broken down within the curricular path.

Filter by Curricular Path

All of the questions in Alfie are mapped to a Curricular Structure. This structure can easily be explored to find a question quickly.

As you click through the structure, your selection will become more refined until you identify your desired question.

The more you click, the more precise your question selection will become.

Reset the path by clicking on Clear Path.

Filters & Search

Click on the drop down menu for the filter to select.

When you select a filter, the cross next to it will go green. Clear an individual filter by clicking the green cross.

Click Clear All Filters to reset all of the filters that have been selected.

Performing a search will look at the questions within the current filter selections. If you want a wider or narrower search you can change the filters.

Click Clear Search to reset the search box.

Question list

The number of questions found that match your Curricular Path, filters and search are listed below the filters.

Customising the question list display

There are a number of options within the menu by which you can view your questions.

Sort by:
Questions are, by default, order by Question ID: Lowest First. To change, click on the Sort by drop down menu and select your required sort.

View: Questions can be displayed in a grid or a list.

Show: Select between showing 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 questions per page.

Page: You can type the page number you wish to jump to followed by hitting Enter on your keyboard, or you can click the left and right arrows to move between pages.