SIMS-Sync AM is an additional SIMS-Sync component that facilitates the import of Alfie assessment data into SIMS Assessment Manager.

You only need to import the following template if your school has purchased the SIMS-Sync AM additional component.

You will need to have the latest version of SIMS and an Alfie SIMS-Sync AM software licence.

Importing Alfie Result Sets into SIMS
In order to use SIMS-Sync Assessment Manager you will need to import the Alfie Result Sets into SIMS. These will create pre-made slots for the Alfie Test Results to be imported into.

Log into SIMS using your previously created SIMS Account (this account would have been created as part of your initial SIMS-Sync installation), or another account with Assessment Co-Ordinator privileges.

Select Routines | Data In | Assessment | Import

Click Browse Folders and navigate to the SIMS-Sync installation folder.

Select the Alfie Templates V0p17.xml file and click Next.

Ensure that Import Templates is selected in the drop down box and click Next.

Click Select All and then Finish.

Each of the Selected Templates is linked to a Result Sets slot in Alfie.

You will be shown an Activity Log confirming the import of the Result Sets.

Click Close.

Thank you for completing the SIMS-Sync Assessment Manager Installation - for more information on how to use SIMS-Sync AM within Alfie, please seeĀ SIMS-Sync Assessment Manager