If your school uses RM SmartCache and Alfie is currently having connection issues, you will need to adjust some settings in SmartCache in order for the connection to be made successfully.

There are some very clear signs to know SmartCache is currently restricting access for Alfie. The first would be a Red Connection Icon in Alfie and a message explaining that Alfie cannot connect to the internet. For this you will need to configure the Core SmartCache Functionality.

The second clear sign is if you are searching for a school, but none are appearing. For this you will need to configure your Filtering Lists.

Configuring Core SmartCache Functionality
Log in to RM SmartCache and click on Maintenance.

Under RM SmartTracker Identification Method, click here.

Under Permit Web Access without Identification, add alfiecloud.com and my.alfiecloud.com to the list of Don"t require identification… and click Apply Changes.

Configuring Filter List
Log in to RM SmartCache and click on Filtering.

Click on Filter List Management.

Select the Default Allow List and click on Manage List.

Under Manage Filter List Rules add the following two rules:

Rule Type: Allow URL
URLs/Search Terms: alfiecloud.com
Description: alfiecloud.com

Rule Type: Allow URL
URLs/Search Terms: my.alfiecloud.com
Description: my.alfiecloud.com

If you have any custom filter lists for Teacher access, you will also need to add the above URLs to those filter lists.

If you are still experiencing connection issues then please contact the Support Team on 08456 171 500 or email support@alfiesoft.com