Queue Test Result Data
Before first use some initial setup within SIMS is needed. Please contact support@alfiesoft.com for assistance in this process.

When you select a test from the Manager Window and click the Learners Reports button in the Toolbar, a Report Generation Window will open in relation to that test.

You can enter a name for your group and click on SIMS-Sync AM.

In the SIMS-Sync AM window select a Result Set from the dropdown menu.

Click on Queue Results.

The loading bar will be diaplyed while the results are queued. Please be patient, this can take a few seconds. Once completed you will be given the following message:

Your test will be put into the Results Queue as Pending.

The next time your SIMS-Sync schedule runs, the selected test data will be inserted into SIMS.

You can see all of your past Syncs by going onto the Sent Log tab.

Create a Marksheet in SIMS
Log into SIMS and go to Focus | Assessment | Template.

Search for Alfie in the Template Name.

Locate the corresponding Template (subject and number) to the Result Set you used in Alfie, and double-click it.

Under section 3 Marksheets click on New. Scroll down to Year Group, expand the menu by clicking on the + icon, select the Year Group/s you wish to create the Marksheet for and click on Apply.

Click on Save. The Open button will now become available under 3 Marksheets.

Select the Marksheet you wish to view and click on Open.