Clicking the Preview Icon from where ever it is displayed.


The Preview screen will give you the following test information:

  • Test Name/Title
  • Duration/Suggested Duration
  • If you have the sufficient number of questions to get an Alfie Judgement Level
  • Whether you have hit any awards - ie. If you have enough questions for a level at tier. (click Awards to reveal)

You will also get the following question/item information:

  • Question Number
  • Question title
  • Level/Grade
  • Number of marks available
  • The questions Curricular Path
  • Keywords
  • Alfie ID and Testbase ID

You can navigate through screenshots of the questions/items by clicking the left and right arrows on the image. This will also update the question/item information displayed.

If you are entering the Preview screen via the Test Templates, you can click Publish Now, to navigate straight to the Publish screen.

To exit the Preview screen, click Close.