The Taken Recently tab on My AlfieCloud or the Manage Tests screen both contain the column MARK.

This column indicates if you have Open Response Questions in your test and whether these Open Response Questions need marking.

  • If the tick icon is red, you have Open Response Questions that need marking - Hover/Rollover the icon to see how many tests require marking.
  • If the tick icon is black, you have Open Response Questions, but they have all been marked or do not currently need marking.
  • If the tick icon is grey you have no Open Response Questions in your test.

If you have Open Response Questions that need marking, click on the red tick icon.

A new tab/window will open.

All of the questions that require marking will be listed with the Question Number, how many Need Marking, how many have already been Marked and the Question ID for the question and a Mark button.

To start marking a question, click on Mark.

You will be shown the mark scheme as well as the response from the learner.

You can click on the person icon to move to another learner, or use the left and right arrows. Hover over the person icon to reveal the learners name and group (if available).

If you are marking a particular group click on the drop down menu, Filter by Group and select the appropriate group.

You can save your marking at any point by clicking on save. This will not submit the results, but will save your current progress.

Use the up and down arrows to mark the question. The number of available marks are displayed.

You can view an image of the original question by clicking on View Question.

Once you have completed marking a question click on Back To Question List.

Any questions to have finished the marking for will be highlighted in green.

If you still have marking to do that you wish to come back to, click on save followed by Close Marking Application. When you return to the Marking Application for this test, all of your marking will be reloaded.

When you are ready to submit the marking, click on Submit. You will be warned before submitting your results. Click Submit to confirm the submission of the results.

When you return to the AlfieCloud, click Refresh Data. The marking icon will now be black, confirming the marking has been completed.

Flag Response

You can also flag responses and add teacher comments for the learner to review.

On the question click on Flag Response.

Add your note and click Save Comment. The Flag Response button will now be red.

If you want to get rid of the flag click Remove Flag.

Once you have submitted your results go to the Report screen for the test. Any learners with flagged responses will have a red flag. To view the flags click the View icon.

You may be required to re-enter your account details for security reasons. The feedback screen will then appear for the test. Click on Review.

Any questions that have been flagged will have a red flag.

Click on the question to open the review screen.

Click on the reg flag in the top right hand corner to view the comment you provided.

If a learner re-launches this test, they too will be able to see your comments provided.