On the Manage screen or My AlfieCloud screen, click on the Reports icon.

Report Screen

All of your learners who have started or completed the test are displayed.

Filtering Results
You can search on each tab using the Search Bar.

Order the table using the arrows in the headers, either ascending or descending.

Managing Learners

If you have integrated MIS data your learner groups will be shown. You can view and report on individual groups by using the tabs at the top of the listing panel.

Learners that have not completed the test have a score of Unfinished.

If you have shared the test, you can show the learners from all the selected groups by ticking Show Not Started in the report options car. Learners yet to start the test will be marked as Not Started.

If you had an Open Response Question that you flagged for review, a red flag will be shown next to the pupil. You can remove this flag by clicking the Flag.

You can quickly review a learners' online test by clicking on the eye icon in the View column.

If a learner has yet to finish the test a message will appear advising to get the learner to resume the test by revisiting the URL and using their original login details. If, however, you are convinced the learner has completed all the questions they could and their responses can be submitted as final, click Submit.

Download an individual report for the learner by clicking the Report PDF icon in the Reports column.

Delete a Learner

Click the Bin in the learner's row to delete their results.

When a learner is deleted all of their test data is deleted, so please be mindful of this when deleting.

Generate a Report

Select your report options using the menu bar.

Cohort Name

Optional - Give the report a name

Show Not Started

Click to show the learners who have yet to start the test, if the test has been shared.

School Year

Only selectable if not using MIS data.

Click the Generate Reports button.

Report Options

You can now make far greater selections over your reports, including what sections to generate and details about the new National Curriculum and Levels.

Generate Report For...

GroupĀ - Generates the group report

IndividualĀ - Generates the individual reports in one file

SeparatedĀ - Generates the group and/or individual reports as separate PDF files (downloadable as a .zip file)

Group Sections to Generate & Individual Sections to Generate

These change depending on the subject/keystage you are generating a report for. If a selection is ticked, it will be generated. If it is unticked it will be left out of the report.

The options you select will be remembered for this particular test next time you want to generate a report.

Framework & Levels

To tie in with the new National Curriculum 2014 you can now select if you want to generate a report using the Framework Strands 2000 or the National Curriculum 2014. Additionally, you can choose to report using levels or not using levels.

These are taken from the defaults you select in My Preferences, but can be changed at the time of reporting.

Export Data

For a CSV report that can be opened in Microsoft Excel or similar, click Export Data.

Reports will automatically open in the default application found on your computer, where possible.

Cumulative Reports

Note: Cumulative Reporting is only available if you have MIS data imported.

If you want to test your learners over two or more tests, you can create cumulative reports.

These will report on the progress of a group and the learners strengths and next steps for tests of the same subject.

For example you could test them on a Maths KS3 Paper 1 and a Mental Maths Test A and combine the results for a clearer view of the learners progression.

On the Manage screen, check the boxes of two or more tests of the same subject and click on Learners Reports.

If a learner has taken all of the selected tests, their name will be displayed.