The settings screen is used to apply your test settings when you Publish or edit your tests.

When you are editing the details, click on Cancel at any time to undo the changes you have made. Clicking on Update will save any changes.

Editing the details of a Published test does not change the URL.

Give your test a title

Test Title

This is the Template name and Publish name combined, for example:

Template name = Ma KS2 National 2000 TA 3-5

Publish name = Spring 2014

Test Title = Ma KS2 National 2000 TA 3-5 - Spring 2014

When you update either field the Test Title in the black box will be updated.


Test Options

Duration(mins) - You can time-limit the test by adding a Duration value. Leave this field set to 0 if you do not want a time limit.

Calculator/Audio - For certain subjects and Key Stages, audio and a calculator may also available. These can be turned on/off if not compulsory by ticking/unticking the relevant check box.

Homework - The Homework tick box will appear for AQA Online Progress Tests so that you can decide whether the test is for the Classroom or to be done as Homework. The Homework tests allow pupils to see in test feedback to help them answer the questions.

Click Next.


Sharing a Test

 Share this test or schedule for a group - Must have MIS Data Imported

If you have imported class/group data into the AlfieCloud you can choose to share your test with other groups.

A shared test display in your staff members account and also the learner area for those associated with the selected group(s).

Subject - This will list all available subjects that have been imported.
Years - If a year is available, this will be displayed (normally applicable to SIMS-Sync schools only)
Classes - Lists all available classes with the corresponding staff member in brackets.
Others - Lists Registration groups or classes that cannot be classified.

Click on the field to display a list.

Select the relevant selections from each list.

Click to cross next to a selection to remove it from the list.

Click Next.

Select when this test will be active

Learners can view and take this test.


The test will be published but set as disabled and cannot be taken. You can edit this setting at a later date via the Settings on Manage Tests.

Set a time or date

You can choose a time and date for the test to be active. Use the fields to set the time and date.



When you are happy with the changes click Update.


Get your test URL

You will see the online location of your test, for example, This is the web address (URL) that learners need to put into an internet browser to take the test.

Right click and select Copy Link... (may vary depending on browser) to copy the link to your clipboard.

Tests reside online so learners may take them via an internet browser.