The Test Templates screen is where you can publish your tests.

You can select pre-assembled Past Papers and Alfie Templates, as well as access all of your created tests under My Templates.


On the My AlfieCloud screen, click on Test Templates.

Select a subject and bank.

You can remove subjects from your list by clicking on Hide next to the subject.

Click Show all next to Subjects to reveal all of the ones you have hidden.

Each question bank will show the number of tests available, either pre-assembled or created by you, in the brackets next to it, for example: Mathematics > SATs KS1-3 Mathematics.


Once you have chosen your bank, you can use the filters to refine your selection.

You can then select the tab for the test you are looking for. There are 5 options.

My Templates - All of your created/modified test templates.

School Templates - All of your colleagues templates that they have created/modified.

Alfie Templates - Pre-assembled templates (non past papers).

Past Papers - Templates that are pre-assembled to reflect the original papers.

Deleted Templates - Templates that you have deleted from My Templates.

Once you have made all of your selections the filtered results will be displayed.

Each tab has the following information:

Template name

Hover/Rollover to reveal more information about the test.


Subject of the test.


Modify (only available on editable templates) - Click to open the Template in the Test Creator in order to modify it.


Preview - Click to see an on-screen preview of the test, including test and question specific metadata (see Preview Screen for more information).


Archive (only available on My Templates) - Move a test to the Archive tab.

Delete (only available on My Templates) - Move to Deleted Templates tab


Hover/Rollover to reveal printing options for this template.


Click to publish your test - (see Publish a Test for more information).