Whitelisting AlfieCloud.com

In order to use the AlfieCloud without restrictions, you may need to get your IT Department to ensure that none of the content is being blocked. You can use the following:


“Student and staff computers need to receive data from and send data to alfiecloud.com over HTTP and secure HTTP (HTTPS), so please ensure alfiecloud.com and all of its sub domains - i.e. *.alfiecloud.com are not restricted by Firewall settings, Proxy servers or Content Filtering Systems. Additionally Internet browser pop-up blockers need to be switched off and Flash needs to be enabled.

The tests use .xml .swf and .mp3 files so please ensure these file types are also not being blocked.”

This is commonly referred to as "whitelisting".

You can check that everything is whitelisted by using our System Checker

If specific addresses are need these are:

System Requirements

  • Internet connection
  • 1024 x 768 colour display or higher
  • Internet browser:
    Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox v20 or above
    Internet Explorer v10 or above* (v6 and above for test taking)
    Safari v4 or above
  • Flash Player
    To install Flash Player please go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and install free software.
  • Acrobat Reader or equivalent PDF viewer
    To install Adobe Reader please go to http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/ and install free software.
  • To use the tests on iPad/Android you will need to install The Puffin Academy App from the App Store/Google Play Store - http://www.flashbrowser.com/PuffinAcademy/

* Keeping in line with other leading technology companies, like Google, we do not supply support for Internet Explorer v9 or below for the AlfieCloud, this is due to the additional security and technology advancements in more modern browsers.