There are 12 Collections per subject (QCDA Tests only).

You can import as many tests into each Collection as you like, but only one learner result set per Collection. For example:

You have three tests:

  • Test A
  • Test B
  • Test C

John has taken Test A and Test B, whereas Chris has only taken Test C.

You can use Collection 01 to to import Test A and Test C, because neither of the pupils have taken BOTH tests, therefore the data written in will be unique.

However, you must then use Collection 02 to import Test B otherwise John's Test A result will be overwritten.

When you come to your next batch of testing and John takes Test D and Test E, these tests would have to use Collection 03 & 04. If Chris takes Test F, then you can use Collection 02, as Chris does not yet have any results written into the Collection.

What this means is that you have 12 Slots to import your Data into Assessment Manager per pupil, per subject, per school year.

If you are a Maths Department and you do a Paper 1, Paper 2 and a Mental Test, then you can Cumulatively import the results into Assessment Manager in the same way you would run a Cumulative Report ie. selecting multiple tests and clicking on Reports.

For more information please contact or open a support ticket.