Generally it is due to permissions that this error appears. The first thing you will need to set SIMS-Sync to run as administrator. To do this right click on the Launch SIMS-Sync icon and click on properties.

Go to the Compatibility tab and tick Run this program as an administrator. This will ensure that SIMS-Sync runs as an administrator every time you launch it.

It can also be due to the AlfieMain.exe file, which is what runs the tasks not having the correct permissions. Please locate the SIMS-Sync installation directory and follow the above procedure for the AlfieMain.exe file contained within.

If you still receiving the error message please try the following:

When SIMS-Sync first runs it has to import and run some reports from within SIMS. It does this using the CommandReportImporter and commandReporter.

If is unable to import or run these reports you will see a message similar to the below when you try to run SIMS-Sync:

In order to check where the Command Reporter is failing please try the following:

  1. Launch and log in using the same credentials you are attempting to use in SIMS-Sync
  2. Go to Reports > Import
  3. Click on Open and navigate to the SIMS-Sync installation directory (Typically - C:\Program Files (x86)\SIMS-Sync) and select the AlfieClassSubject2.RptDef
  4. Click on Import  -  If the report fails to import please contact your local CAPITA support.

  5. Once imported go to Reports > Run Report > Focus > Class

  6. Double click on AlfieClassSubject2 and follow the onscreen instructions - a report will be generated

    7. It can also be due to duplicate reports existing in SIMS installed by older versions of SIMS-Sync.

    The correct report Supplier is "Alfiesoft Reporting", any of the following reports may have Suppliers labelled "Green Abbey" or "Alfiesoft" and will need to be deleted leaving only one instance of the report

    Focus->Student->Alfiesoft Group Student Map Version 1.0
    Focus->Staff->Alfiesoft Staff Map Export Version 1.0
    Focus->Class->Alfiesoft Group Export Version 1.0

    8. It can also be due to a corrupt prefs.xml file, Please locate the file in C:\ProgramData\SIMS-Sync and delete the prefs.xml file.

    Please note: Show Hidden files will need to be enabled to view the ProgramData folder.

If you have followed the above instructions and you receive no errors please inform our support team by emailing or by opening a ticket.

If you have followed the above instructions and you receive the following error please ensure that you have Microsoft Office installed on the machine or contact your local CAPITA support:


If you are unsure of how to proceed please inform our support team by emailing or by opening a ticket.