Yes, but they will need a Third Party App in order for it to work.

The learners iPad's will need Puffin Academy, an education specific browser App which allows the use of Flash content.

The learners will only be able to access approved educational websites that have be signed off by Puffin, so access to Facebook or other similar websites can not be gained.

Launching a test via Puffin Academy

One of the security features of Puffin Academy is not allowing the learners to type a specific web URL into the address bar. To access an Alfie test you will need to be able to access a specific URL; in order to do this the Alfie test will need to be added as a Bookmark. This also stores the link for any future use.

Launch Puffin Academy and click on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner.

Click on Add to Bookmark.

Add in a Bookmark Title and URL for the test (including the http://)

Click Save. The Bookmark will be shown in the Bookmarks list. Click on the Bookmark you have just created to launch the test.

Drag and drop on the Puffin Academy Browser

Certain questions in Alfie require the use of Drag and Drop. In order to do this on Puffin Browser you will need to use the Trackpad.

Click on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner and then click on Mouse.


A Trackpad will appear. To use the Trackpad, move the cursor over the element you wish to Drag and Drop and then press on the screen with two fingers. The Cursor should convert to a Hand Icon; this shows that you are currently Dragging an element. Remove fingers from the screen to Drop.

For further assistance using the Puffin Academy Browser, please see the in App Help.