If you are unable to create a Scheduled Task via SIMS-Sync, you may be able to create one manually. You will still require a Windows Administrator Username and Password.

Open the Control Panel and click on Administrative Tools.

Double click on Task Scheduler.

Click on Create Task...

Copy the details from this screenshot (the Author and user account will be specific to your school):

Click on the Triggers tab and then click New...

Enter the details from the screenshot below (The start time can be set to anything outside of school hours):

Click OK. Your trigger will be shown as Enabled.

Click on the Actions tab and then click on New...

Ensure the Action is Start a program. Click on Browse... and navigate to the SIMS-Sync installation directory (Generally C:\Program FIles (x86)\SIMS-Sync\) and select AlfieMain.exe

Your screen should look like this:

Click OK. Your Action will now be listed.

Click on the Conditions tab.

Enter the details from the screenshot below:

Click on the Settings tab.

Enter the details from the screenshot below:

Click OK. You may be asked to provide details for an Administrator Account to continue. If the Username and Password fail to create the schedule it will be because of insufficient permissions and may be why SIMS-Sync was not able to create the schedule if using the same credentials.

Your Scheduled Task called AlfieMain will now be listed