Generally, this is because the URL has been entered incorrectly or has been automatically forwarded to the incorrect address, or the filtering in your school does not allow access to and

First, please ensure your Proxy/Filtering/Firewalls can access MP3, XML and SWF files from and

Next, please ensure the URL you are using is correct. A common error is that https is used instead of http, which will cause the test to fail after the learner enters their details. You may see a blank screen or the follow message:

If you see this message, please ensure that you do not have https at the start of the URL. Some browsers can be set to automatically forward to https, if this is the case in your school you will need to check with your IT department to get this turned off for and

Please take note of the below URL's, for which one is correct and which is incorrect:

If you are still experiencing issues please take a screen shot of the blank screen and send to