Facility-Sync must be installed to the same server and drive as Facility.

  1. Download the software from http://downloads.alfiecloud.com/Facility-Sync.zip
  2. Locate Facility-Sync.zip through Windows Explorer and double-click to open.
  3. If you already have .Net Framework 4 installed you can skip this step.
    1. Double click dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe
    2. Run through the installation process
  4. Return to the zip and double-click setup.exe.
  5. The Setup program will issue a number of prompts. Unless you have a reason to override the defaults, it is strongly recommended that you accept the installation default settings (just press OK, Yes, or Next, as appropriate)

Facility-Sync can be launched using the Desktop icon or Start | All Programs | Alfiesoft | Facility-Sync