Facility-Sync is an application that creates & manages a Windows scheduled task, that in turn synchronises student, teacher & group data with the Alfie assessment platform.

You will need to have Facility installed & accessible and an Alfie software licence.

You will need the following Log-in & Account Details:

[ ] Alfie
If you are the IT Contact designated at time of purchase, you should have received an Alfiesoft email with instructions of how to activate your Administrator account and create a password.

If you are not in possession of an Administrator account, please contact support@alfiesoft.com or call 0845 617 1500.

[ ] Installation of Software to Windows
A Windows log-in is required to install Facility-Sync - this may be possible within the school or you might have to refer this to your IT Managed Services Provider.

[ ] Windows Scheduled Task

A Windows log-in is required to run the scheduled task - this is typically an account that is already being used for the Facility data overnight back-up or synchronisation with your VLE.

[ ] Facility Teacher Records
Teachers using Alfie need their School Domain Teacher Email Address in their Facility teacher record – this is used for their log-in name.