NB: You will need to do a full import every time you want to update your information.

Upon purchase your designated IT Manager will receive an email with instructions. Go to http://my.alfiecloud.com, select your school and use your admin log in.

Click Hi, (Name)  in the top right hand corner.

Download the Alfiesoft Other Export Template.zip from the Import page in AlfieCloud, to your desktop and unzip it. The unzipped file will be named Alfiesoft Other Export Template.xlsx

Follow the instructions with the Excel Spread sheet.

At the end of the process you should be left with 3 individual files: teachers.csv, students.csv and groups.csv

Return to the Import screen on your internet browser. Under the Teacher File heading click on Browse..

Select teachers.csv and click Open.

Follow the same process for the other two files, choosing the respective file name that matches its header. Once all three files have been selected, click on Import.

The Import process may take a few moments so please be patient.

Once the import has been completed you will then be shown an Import Results page.

The Import Statistics will give you details of Added, Not Added, Modified, Unchanged and Deleted entries for each of the Students, Teachers, Groups and Group Members.

Totals that are highlighted in red show where there has been an error with your import. Details of these errors are shown under the Import Errors heading. To view more information on the error click on the + icon next to it.

Common errors are caused by missing or incorrect data within the data. Entries that are flagged as an error will need to be checked and updated accordingly.