This process should only be followed if you are not using Facility-Sync. We highly recommend using Facility-Sync as your data will be kept up to date automatically.

NB: You will need to do a full import every time you want to update your information.

Upon purchase your designated IT Manager will receive an email with instructions. Go to, select your school and use your admin log in.


Click Import found in the top right hand corner below the Testbank logo.


You will need to run a report within your Serco Facility/CMIS system to extract the required data.

Download the Alfiesoft CIMS export from the Import page in Testbank, to your desktop and unzip it. The unzipped file will be named Alfiesoft CMIS export files.rp

On your Serco Facility/CMIS system select Reports > Report.

Click the Advanced button and select Import.

Click No in the pop up box that follows.

Browse to the folder on your computer where you saved the Alfiesoft report files, and select the file Alfiesoft CMIS export files.rp

Click Open.

A new Facility report folder called Alfiesoft will have been created, containing four report files.

To transfer the relevant data to Alfiesoft, each of the four reports must be run in turn and the data exported to Excel.

Open the Alfiesoft folder in the reports section of Facility.

Double-click the report you wish to generate.

In the Scope of report pop up box, click OK.

In the Sorting and Page breaks pop up box, click OK.

The system will take a few moments to generate the data. Once the data appears, right-click in the preview window and select Exporting > Export.

In the Export pop up box, click Clipboard.

Open Excel.

Make sure the cursor is in the top left cell, then select File > Paste to copy the data.

Note: If the all the data appears in one column when you paste it into Excel, you may need to change the column delimiter from tab to comma (or vice versa). Go back to Facility and right-click in the data preview window, and this time select Exporting > Settings. Change the delimiter from tab stop to comma, and click OK. Then retry Exporting > Export before attempting to copy the data again.

Save the Excel spreadsheet as a .csv file. The file name should be the same as the name of the report you are exporting from – i.e. data from the report Alfiesoft Group File should be saved as a .csv file called Alfiesoft Group File.

Repeat this process for the remaining reports.

Please open the Alfiesoft Teacher File.csv in Excel. If the column titled Email is empty, please populate each row for teaching staff with the respective email address you have on record. Then save the file in the Comma Separated Values (.csv) format.

Return to the Import screen on your internet browser. Under the Teacher File heading click on Browse...


Select Alfiesoft Teacher File.csv and click Open.

Follow the same process for the other three files, choosing the respective file name that matches its header. Once all four files have been selected, click on Import.

The Import process may take a few moments so please be patient.

Once the import has been completed you will then be shown an Import Results page.

The Import Statistics will give you details of Added, Not Added, Modified, Unchanged and Deleted entries for each of the Students, Teachers, Groups and Group Members.

Totals that are highlighted in red show where there has been an error with your import. Details of these errors are shown under the Import Errors heading. To view more information on the error click on the + icon next to it.

Common errors are caused by missing or incorrect data within the Serco Facility/CMIS data. Entries that are flagged as an error will need to be checked and updated accordingly.

For more information please feel free to contact us on 01702 393255.