Once the schedule has started, you are free to close the SIMS-Sync application. However, it is recommended you run it and check the logs periodically to make sure everything is working as it should be, otherwise errors can go undetected.

Please direct all support questions and any errors encountered to support@alfiesoft.com

Checking for Errors
As a manager running SIMS-Sync, you should frequently make sure the application is functioning correctly. You can do this by clicking the Log tab from within the application main window.

  • The SIMS-Sync radio button, if selected, will show you the log data for the SIMS-Sync application (the one you are currently running).
  • The AlfieMain will give you log data on the hidden application that handles the data exchange between SIMS and Alfiesoft.

You should check both logs for errors or warnings, and address any issues that may be flagged. If necessary, each log can be saved individually by clicking Save To Disk, and sent to the Alfiesoft team at support@alfiesoft.com


Thank you for completing the SIMS-Sync Installation and Configuration - If your school has purchased SIMS-Sync AM (Assessment Manager) you can now set this up.