Change-Tracking Control

Select Tools | Setups | Data Change Management to display the Data Change Tracking Management page.

Turning on Data Change Tracking may be a request from a number of SIMS partners. To ensure that all of the partner systems are appropriately serviced, schools should set the frequency to the highest demanded by any of the partner applications. In the absence of advice to the contrary, it is recommended the Logging Frequency to be Once a day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The SQL component named Service Broker must be activated in order to use the change tracking functionality. This component is activated automatically as part of the SIMS upgrade process.

If Change-Tracking Enabled is currently switched OFF, select the ON radio button to enable it. The remaining options on the screen become available for editing.

Unless you have a reason to override them, it is strongly recommended that you accept the default settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must click Save to activate the changes.

SIMS Account
This part of the process is optional, but is highly recommended.

While you can usually use your Data Manager account to run SIMS-Sync, we recommend creating a new account specifically for SIMS-Sync data synchronization.

Log into SIMS using an account with System Manager Preferences. You can use your sysman account for this.

Select Focus | System Manager | Manage Users.

Click New, and insert your Basic Details.

Once you have entered your Basic Details click Continue.

A new SIMS Account will be created. Make a note of the Username and Password as you will need these to log into SIMS.

Under the section Groups, click on Add.

Select the following groups, then click OK:

  • Assessment Co-Ordinator
  • Curricular Manager
  • School Administrator
  • Third Party Reporting
  • TP Super User

Click Save, then log-out of SIMS.

Log back into SIMS using the Username and Password you have just created. You will be asked to change the password to something more memorable.

This account is now available to use for your SIMS-Sync Data Synchronisation and import of Result Sets (see page 6).

SIMS Email Addresses
Select Focus | Person | Staff to display the Employee Details page, and search for an existing staff member to display their details.

If there is no school domain email address present click on New adjacent to Email Addresses panel. Then enter the school email address, set the Location to Work and Main to Yes.

If a personal email address is present it can remain, as the school email address will now be prioritised for use within Alfie.