For certain situations you may be required to provide our support team with a developer log. These can be obtained via different browsers and also via Third-Party Software. Here we will show you how to get a log for Internet Explorer 9 & 10.

Before you launch a test, press f12 or go to Tools > f12 developer tools

A new window will appear. If it does not appear as a separate window you will need to click on the unpin button.

Click on the Network tab followed by Start capturing. This will start to get a log of your internet usage.

Return to the Main Internet Explorer window and enter your test URL and Launch the test.

Once the learner login screen appears return to the Developer log you will see a list of files beginning to load:

A result of 200 (or 302) should be shown for every successful attempt to retrieve a file. If a result of 200 (or 302) is not shown a file may not be getting retrieved correctly. At this point, please click Stop capturing and then click on the Save icon (blue disk) and send the resulting saved file to