When an Alfie test goes through to the loading screen it is attempting to import all of the files that are available for that test. You may see the following screen or similar depending on subject:

A test size is generally around 2.5 MB to 3.5 MB in total so depending on Internet connection speed can take up to 30 seconds to download. However, the files start downloading when the initial login screen is displayed, so there should only be a short delay on the loading screen. If the loading screen stays visible for more than 1 minute please try the following:

  1. Close the test and locate the student via the Reports Screen my.alfiecloud.com
  2. Locate the learner that failed to access the test.
  3. Select the learner and delete them from the test.
  4. Get the learner to launch the test again and input their details.

If the test still fails to load, delete the learner from the Reports Screen again and try logging into the test using a different machine.

If the test still fails to load you may have one of the following issues:

  1. alfiecloud.com and ALL sub-domains have not been completely whitelisted within the school and some files may be getting blocked.
  2. There may be some speed issues within your school system.

You can also perform the following tests:

The first thing to do is to check whether all files are accessible through alfiecloud.com by using our System Checker

Then check the speed these files take to download. You do this by going to http://my.alfiecloud.com/speed

Please run the test and email the results using the form at the bottom of the speed test.

If the download numbers appear OK (anything above 1MB should be more than sufficient) then you may need to get your IT Department to run a developer log via the browser. For more information on running a developer log, please see here: How do I get a developer log in Internet Explorer?