The error is related to a bug in SIMS .net for schools that have previously tried to use SIMS-Sync Assessment Manager (AM)

In the log you will have this line:

"Could not Import: The ROLLBACK TRANSACTION request has no corresponding BEGIN TRANSACTION."

To fix this issue please download the attached document below and follow the instructions within the PDF.

The instructions may seem familiar, however, there is now an additional patch that is required for SIMS-Sync AM and therefore SIMS-Sync to work correctly. If you could follow the instructions from the beginning again including re-importing the templates and then running BOTH patches after this has been done.

Once done, if you could email, as we need to ensure that some report queues are reset before the next run in SIMS-Sync is completed. Once advised, please perform a Run Now and then send us both the SIMS-Sync and AlfieMain logs from the log tab.