In order for each teacher to have their own Alfie Account, they must have a valid and working email address. This could be a personal email address, however, we advise that a work/school email address is used. An email address is needed so that the Account User can receive password resets and update emails.

You can put all of your teachers email addresses into SIMS if you wish, however, you only have to put email addresses into SIMS for the teachers that will be using the system.

To add an email address in SIMS please follow these instructions:

Select Focus | Person | Staff to display the Employee Details page, and search for an existing staff member to display their details.

If there is no school domain email address present click on New adjacent to Email Addresses panel. Then enter the school email address, set the Location to Work and Main to Yes.

If a personal email address is present it can remain, as the school email address will now be prioritised for use within Alfie.