Change-tracking Control monitors all of the changes made to SIMS and logs those changes at a given time. These changes are logged in a table within the SIMS Database. It may effect performance when the information is logged; although generally, the logging occurs at midnight, out of school hours so should not effect the schools day to day usage.

It is needed so that when SIMS-Sync, or other third party software, runs it does not have to re-import and update all of the data every time, it just updates what has changed within SIMS. This saves overloading both the school server and our server, making the updating of information quicker and lighter.

To turn on Change-tracking, please follow these instructions:

Turning on Data Change Tracking may be a request from a number of SIMS partners. To ensure that all of the partner systems are appropriately serviced, schools should set the frequency to the highest demanded by any of the partner applications. In the absence of advice to the contrary, it is recommended the Logging Frequency to be Once a day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The SQL component named Service Broker must be activated in order to use the change tracking functionality. This component is activated automatically as part of the SIMS upgrade process.

If Change-Tracking Enabled is currently switched OFF, select the ON radio button to enable it. The remaining options on the screen become available for editing.

Unless you have a reason to override them, it is strongly recommended that you accept the default settings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must click Save to activate the changes.