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Re-publish a test

I am trying to set a test that pupils sat in September. I have previously used the old program for creating tests and clicked publish and used another name but this program no longer exists. Is there any way I can re-publish a test?

Hi Natalie,

We no longer support the qbank software, this is because we have now developed the AlfieCloud.

This is a completely web based version of qbank and provides a lot more additional features.  You can check out the new AlfieCloud by going to my.alfiecloud.com and signing in using all the current details from qbank. All of your old tests and data will be available.

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I have the old tests but I need to publish an old test for pupils to sit now. Is there any way to re-publish these tests?

Thank you

Hi Natalie,

When you create your own Test using the Test Creator this goes into "Test Templates" under "My Templates". It goes in there so that you can use it again and again. You can also access Past Papers and Alfie Templates.

"Test Templates" you create do not have to be shared. They automatically go into the School Templates folder.  If you are the person that created the template, it will be in My Templates and not School Templates.

Test Templates Video - http://support.alfiecloud.com/support/solutions/articles/4000005507-test-templates


Once you have "Published" a test (when you have the URL for the learners to access), these go into your Manage Tests area. They are fixed and cannot be edited, hence why they are kept separate from the templates. These have test data so cannot automatically be put into a "school folder". They must be shared with other staff members.

Publish Tests video
- http://support.alfiecloud.com/support/solutions/articles/189004-publish-a-test
Manage Tests Video - http://support.alfiecloud.com/support/solutions/articles/189005-manage-tests

We also have an extensive support portal which covers the whole of the AlfieCloud from creating tests, publishing tests and managing your learners: http://support.alfiecloud.com/support/home



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