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Improving work


A big part of what we get students to do at our school is go back and improve work after receiving feedback. I was wondering what is the best method for doing this using Alfie. For example, if I have set an Alfie homework and a student has completed it getting half the marks how can they then go back and improve their work having already submitted it and it being marked. The way I have been doing it so far is to publish the same homework again but call it a different name. Is their a quicker/easier way?

Many thanks,


Hi Jack,

Unfortunately not, you must individually access the test template again If you require to publish the same test.

When you create your own Test using the Test Creator this goes into "Test Templates" under "My Templates". It goes in there so that you can use it again and again. You can also access Past Papers and Alfie Templates.

"Test Templates" you create automatically go into the School Templates folder. If you are the person that created the template, it will be in "My Templates".

I hope the above information helps.

All the best,



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