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Folders for tests

As our use of Alfie is growing, we are finding that the number of tests is becoming unwieldy. I do not actually find the first page that usable, there is rarely a test on the front page that I need access to and if there is its likely to be taken recently, not published so I need to click through to advanced view to mark it. This means to access any test, staff virtually always need to click advanced view, then current, then scroll through a long list. 

We have set our year 10s and 11s a series of tests to be completed in an order that matches their needs (something to be considered good practice), however, for all three sciences and two year groups, it means we have 6-7 tests per science, per year, so 36 in total, combined with other one off end of term tests. 

It would be great if there were a customizable folder option so we can manage tests ourselves, both for our view and students views.

We also need a way of sharing tests with teachers who do not own the class or even a class in that year group. Eg. I am the KS3 manager, but do not teach year 9, so I can not access the year 9 data unless a test is shared with my year 8 class but that then causes confusion for my year 8s. This problems is growing as we are increasingly encouraging students to access the My alfie cloud rather than give a direct weblink. 

Lastly, it would be really helpful to export data from multiple tests in one go. With regard to the above tests, I fortnightly export all the data to excel, do a quick pivot table on the data and can see at an overview how many tests each child has taken. (I am more interested that they are taking these tests and working independently than the scores as they are instructed to record feedback in a sheet in their books). However, to work my way through the 36 tests and export data individually for each and then copying and pasting into one single file is very laborious. I am aware of the sims sync, but SIMS is new for us and we are trying not to overload the data manager or flood the system with un-needed data. 


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for getting in touch, and there are some great suggestions there, especially the customisable folders.

I will make notes of them all and will discuss them at our next management meeting to see if we can get the go ahead on any of the ideas.

Kind regards,

Daniel Brooks
Alfiesoft Product Manager


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