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Alfie tests on Tablets

Hi are there any plans to build Alfie tests so that they are compatible with tablet devices or even produce apps which will fulfill that task?

Many thanks


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This is something I hope is possible also...

Hi Steve and Simon,

We have had discussions in the office in regards to converting the questions to HTML5 so they work nicely on tablets, but as yet nothing is penciled in to be started.

We will keep you notified if there are any further developments.

All the best,


I think I recall the Puffin Academy app allowing access to AlfieCloud, you'd have to check this though. It's free.

Hi Ashley,

You are correct, Puffin Academy works perfectly with Alfie and it is free! - http://support.alfiecloud.com/solution/articles/152880-can-the-learners-take-tests-on-an-ipad-

That shows how to launch a specific test, but if you are using MIS data, then you can set a bookmark for the student log in area and they can access the tests from there.

All the best,


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